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Sunday Buffet
Experience the Jaipur’s delicious and great value Sunday Lunch Family Buffet

The Jaipur’s immensely popular Sunday Lunch Family Buffet is the perfect opportunity to enjoy an excellent value meal at just £15 per person with friends or family; both children and adults will enjoy the delicious food and friendly service in our luxurious surroundings.

The buffet offers unlimited servings and consists of over twenty dishes with a superb selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian starters, main courses, salads, papadoms, chutneys and delectable desserts.
Drinks are charged on consumption and are not included in the price of the Sunday Lunch Family Buffet. Group limitation applies.
The buffet is available between 12noon and 4pm every Sunday.

For reservations, please call 01908 669796 (booking highly recommended).