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  1. Venues make the event
    The Jaipur’s superb food, luxurious and spacious surroundings, relaxing ambience and high standards of service make it the ideal venue for special occasions. You’ll find no one turns down an invitation to an event at the Jaipur!
  2. First choice for special occasions
    With our extensive experience in hosting large events, the Jaipur has established itself as a first choice venue for receptions, weddings, parties, private celebrations, corporate events and conferences. You can be guaranteed your function will have that extra cachet when it’s held at the Jaipur!
  3. The ultimate event
    The restaurant can be hired exclusively for any occasion and can accommodate seated parties of up to 200 guests. Choose from our range of award-winning authentic Indian dishes to create a sumptuous feast for your guests. From the moment you call, we’ll work together with you to ensure your event is truly special.