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  1. About Us
    Inspirational setting
    Founded in 1988, so successful was the Jaipur that fourteen years later it was recreated as the largest purpose built Indian restaurant in the world.

    Now acknowledged as one of Europe’s leading Indian restaurants, Milton Keynes’ most iconic landmark is a stunning monument to our vision - to serve the finest Indian food in the most inspirational of settings.
  2. About Us
    A glorious heritage
    Inspired by the magnificent heritage, culture and architecture of Rajasthan, the Jaipur’s elegant architecture and glamorous interior reflects the pinks, blues and golds that decorate the forts and palaces of the ‘Land of Kings’.

    From the moment you set foot in our dramatic entrance hall, dominated by a cascading chandelier and sweeping staircase, the Jaipur welcomes you in royal style to the exquisite flavours of the Indian subcontinent.
  3. About Us
    Award winning
    Over the years, our passion for excellence has helped us set standards for Indian cuisine that no other restaurant can rival. That reputation for supreme quality has been reflected in the numerous national awards we have received since opening, including the prestigious British Curry Award 2009.

    No wonder the Jaipur holds such a special place in the hearts of our loyal local clientele and international visitors alike.